A Mapping and Analysis of Tools and Guidance on the H-P Linkages in the HDP-Nexus

Publication language
Date published
25 Feb 2022
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Humanitarian-development-peace nexus

This paper was developed by IASC Result Group 4 with pro-bono support from Interpeace. It is an inventory of guidance and tools currently available to humanitarian actors, on peace building and conflict sensitive approach, as well as an analysis on the degree to which these meet the needs of practitioners in the field. The analysis highlighted some substantial gaps in guidance and tools available to staff, but there is also a wealth of methods and in order to better understand the linkages between the peace and the humanitarian pillars of the HDPN. The paper consists of two parts.

The first part presents the analysis by Interpeace on the relevance and usefulness of currently available guidance and tools, and how these may and should be complemented in order to enhance the understanding and operationalizing of the linkages between humanitarian and peace actions. The second part consists of the mapping of available guidance and tools that relate to the peace pillar of the nexus.