Improving quality humanitarian funding through the Grand Bargain 2.0

Willitts-King, B. and Metcalfe-Hough, V.
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Date published
14 Jun 2021
Accountability and Participation, Development & humanitarian aid, Funding and donors

Quality funding – funding that is flexible, predictable and multi-year – is increasingly being acknowledged as critical to improving the humanitarian system. Quality funding will be one of the two ‘enabling’ priorities of the next iteration of the Grand Bargain – the GB 2.0 – to be endorsed this week at its Annual Meeting.

Progress has been made, particularly over the last two years, as highlighted in analysis from the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) in this year’s Annual Independent Review (AIR). But despite Grand Bargain signatories’ best efforts, securing a substantive transformation of the humanitarian funding landscape is proving hugely challenging. 

HPG discusses barriers to quality funding and how to address them and presents seven recommendations to increase quality funding.