Loop Annual Report 2022

Ross, A.
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Date published
29 Aug 2023
Research, reports and studies
Accountability and Participation

This is the third annual report for Our Loop Stichting (operating as Loop) and covers all of 2022.

2022 has been a year of consolidation and learning with regard to the Loop programme. We have been able to evidence a wider variety of use cases using Loop throughout this year than expected. We have learnt about the relative importance of some aspects of the platform that we didn't recognise in the previous year, such as the ability to report in to an independent actor to get around failing reporting systems, and the value that anonymous reporting brings to people who are vulnerable to exploitation or abuse.

We have also learnt a huge amount about being a global tool that is nonetheless owned and adapted locally and how different the uses and approaches are for Loop’s deployment in each country. This has helped to reinforce the decentralised, locally-owned structures over time. We still need to learn how to establish clear yet flexible roles and responsibilities to ensure strong ongoing partnerships. We also need to learn how to better articulate this structure and enhance the potential benefits for local actors. What we have not been able to adequately address however, is how to gain collective buy-in and agreement to use Loop at a systems-wide level – either at response or organisational level across countries. We do see a growing number of individuals within these larger institutions seeing the value of Loop and becoming internal advocates. We also see a growing number of local organisations asking Loop to come to their country.