The Humanitarian Connectivity, Needs and Usage Assessments (CoNUA) Toolkit

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26 Jun 2023
Assessment & Analysis, Comms, media & information

The Toolkit provides a range of tools to examine mobile phone use for humanitarian purposes.

Taken together, these tools form a comprehensive understanding of mobile phone use for a particular crisis, including quantifying digital divides, such as gaps related to gender, disability, and age. It also enables a better understanding of the digital ecosystem in a particular context and the factors that allow this ecosystem to function.

Whilst mobile technology can play a pivotal role in delivering several forms of humanitarian assistance, such as cash and voucher assistance or access to vital information, the Toolkit does not aim to replace purpose-specific assessment tools already available. To this end, the Toolkit is designed to be modular and adaptable to be combined with other tools to create specific and fit-for-purpose assessments.

The Toolkit supports those who are committed to using a user-centred approach to deliver humanitarian assistance, contributing to the Grand Bargain commitment 6 – “a participation revolution”.

At present, each tool is available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Swahili. The supporting documentation is available in English and French.