We need to talk: an assessment of changing communication needs and preferences in Beni, north Kivu

Fricke, C.
Publication language
43 pp
Date published
01 Dec 2019
Research, reports and studies
Comms, media & information, Epidemics & pandemics, Health
Democratic Republic of Congo
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
Strategic response planning, Resource mobilisation, Implementation & monitoring
Translators without Borders, CLEAR Global

In the second year of the current Ebola outbreak response in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), people at risk still don’t have clear answers to their questions about the disease in a language they understand. Many local health communicators are themselves confused about the disease prevention and treatment measures they promote. The language, content, and form of communication about Ebola affect how far people understand, trust and act upon it.

Building on our rapid language needs assessment conducted in February 2019 in Goma, TWB set out to understand the continuing communication challenges. In September 2019, we spoke directly with more than 200 health communicators, drop-in patients, and residents. We focused on the town of Beni, the epicenter of the outbreak in North Kivu Province. Our findings and recommendations have implications for responders in current and future efforts to control the spread of Ebola and other major diseases.