AAP Technical Brief - Complaint and Feedback Mechanisms using Hotlines

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Date published
01 Mar 2024
Research, reports and studies
Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Complaints and feedback mechanisms

This Technical Brief captures the experiences and learning from UNICEF Jordan and Yemen in running complaints and feedback mechanisms using hotlines. Hotlines provide a feedback and complaints channel ‘at scale’. Compared to more localized channels (such as community committees, help desks, suggestion boxes, information and feedback centres), hotlines often have a large geographical coverage. The central call centre allows complaints and feedback to be collated centrally from the point they are raised, allowing for more rapid trend analysis. The filing and tracking of all feedback and complaints received reduces the risk that any are lost, so making UNICEF more accountable. However, central call centres also sit further away from communities and ‘complainants’, potentially posing challenges for contextualizing, verifying details, and local action.

This Technical Brief is part of a series, that identifies key lessons from specific AAP practice, drawing from specific country examples. They provide some of the key takeaways and considerations which are relevant to other country offices.