Communication, community engagement and accountability across the Ukraine response

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Date published
02 Aug 2022
Practical tools
Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Engaging with affected populations
CDAC Network

This report provides a snapshot of the current CCEA structures and services being provided by Network members and partner organisations in Ukraine and border countries. It also outlines recommendations for improvement regarding the consolidation of responder efforts and the drive for more inclusive and locally led CCEA, and provides suggestions to address CCEA gaps.

The report is informed by continuous engagement with CDAC Network members since 24 February 2022; key informant interviews held in Poland between 3–6 May 2022; email correspondence between 3–13 May 2022 with response actors operating in Ukraine and border countries; CDAC community of practice (CoP) calls on in-country coordination and collaboration held in early March; and desk research of publicly available information. For a full list of organisations consulted for this report, see the Annex.

This report is a living document and will be updated regularly with the most recent CCEA initiatives by operational partners, and an ongoing assessment of gaps and areas for improvement.
Last updated: 2 August 2022.