Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh

Publication language
Date published
29 Dec 2021
Case study
Participation, COVID-19, Engaging with affected populations, Inclusion
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
Operational review & evaluation

The world faces a serious and intense public health crisis due to the nonstop effects of COVID-19 global pandemic. Persons with disabilities (PWDs) are first victims among all at any types of disasters or crisis. This time it is not different and even more severe. The COVID-19 pandemic has life-limiting implications on PWDs. Despite the perplexity in identifying the total number of PWDs in Bangladesh, one thing is evident that PWDs confront many layers of deprivation in this period of COVID-19 including reduction of income opportunities and inaccessible health services. This study intended to assess to what degree PWDs are affected economically, physically, psychosocially, socially and in accessing the health services and other government interventions regarding response to COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh. Both primary and secondary data has been used in this study. Questionnaire survey and interview has been taken as primary data collection from the selected 200 PWDs led families from the selected 8 wards from the 8 divisions of the country. The findings from the research highlights that, PWDs are still being deprived from the COVID-19 response measures. They are mostly affected in personal, family and social level. Their earnings have been reduced even many of them have already lost their jobs. They are not enlisted properly in relief distribution lists and also, they are suffering from malnutrition for not inadequate food consumption due to low income. This research recommends some actions to be done to ensure PWDs inclusive COVID-19 response measures for present and future situation.