Guidance for Mainstreaming Accountability to Affected Population and Core People-Related Issues in the Humanitarian Programme Cycle Through the Cluster System.

Publication language
Date published
05 Jan 2016
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Accountability and Participation, Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Coordination, Cluster coordination, Development & humanitarian aid, Food and nutrition, Inclusion, Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH)
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
All phases of the HPC
Food Security Cluster

Core, industry resources are available to assist in understanding AAP in more detail and in taking these commitments to a higher level of implementation, for example, the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) and its guidance document, the IASC tools for implementation of the five commitments on AAP, the Nutrition Cluster Operational Framework on AAP, the WASH Cluster’s resources on AAP including their minimum commitments, WFP’s Brief on AAP and FAO’s Guidance Note on AAP and associated fact and resource sheets.

For each phase of the HPC, 3 key, minimum and practical steps are suggested. Links to further guidance and other concrete examples are provided for reference and many of the resources have relevance across the HPC phases. The 3 steps suggested per phase aim to alert food security and nutrition actors to some achievable, core and minimum activities they should undertake, but are by no means exhaustive.