Risk Communication & Community Engagement: Practical Tips on Engaging Adolescents and Youth in the COVID-19 Response

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Date published
20 Apr 2020
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Participation, Children & youth, Comms, media & information, COVID-19, Epidemics & pandemics, Engaging with affected populations
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
Strategic response planning, Implementation & monitoring

The purpose of this brief is to provide practical tips for UNICEF country offices, partners and young people themselves on engaging adolescents and youth as part of the COVID-19 preparedness and response. As a first step, we recommend engaging with adolescents and youth to understand what their needs are, and how they can take action. Consultations with adolescents and youth is your best ‘go-to’ resource to determine how UNICEF can engage, protect, and support adolescents and youth in the COVID-19 response. Remember that the ‘do not harm’ principle must always be applied. All actions should be evaluated for potential risks for harm and, as necessary, plans developed to mitigate those risks.