UNICEF paper: Operational-level grievance mechanisms fit for children

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Date published
11 Jun 2024
Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Complaints and feedback mechanisms

This discussion paper explores how businesses can help children to raise grievances effectively when their rights have been infringed. It considers how companies can establish or participate in grievance mechanisms to provide recourse and resolution in a manner satisfactory to all.1 Such an approach is not only in line with children’s rights, but also promises to benefit the companies that adopt it. This discussion paper also complements UNICEF’s existing set of tools for companies, which provide practical guidance on incorporating children’s rights in policies, impact assessments, reporting and stakeholder engagement.2 To date, children’s right to a remedy has received little attention in the context of business-related human rights violations and abuses. With this in mind, the paper aims to start a dialogue about children’s rights and operational-level grievance mechanisms