Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund 2019 Midterm Review

Chaturvedi, S.
Publication language
Date published
01 Dec 2019
Evaluation reports
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

The review was commissioned by the WPHF Secretariat, as stipulated in the Fund’s Terms of Reference. The review assessed the effectiveness and efficiency of the WPHF, and identified good practices, lessons learned and challenges to address to ensure its ongoing and sustainable growth. It focused on the effectiveness of the WPHF in supporting civil society organisations in humanitarian crisis situations through its activities. The WPHF Secretariat contracted an independent consultant to undertake the research and analysis to inform this review. This work took place from August-November 2019, with the final review being released in December 2019.

Overall, the review identified that the WPHF is viewed positively amongst its stakeholders, representing an innovative and successful instrument. It provided seven recommendations to ensure continued growth and value of the Fund, which are targeted towards the WPHF Secretariat, and associated leadership, such as the Funding Board, National Steering Committees and Management Entities. These recommendations consider opportunities to improve governance structures, resourcing, partnerships and engagement strategies in order to ensure the fund capitalises on its momentum and develops in a sustainable manner.