Research update: Innovation

18 Dec 2017

After publishing research into how to carry out successful innovation projects in 2016, ALNAP and Elrha looked at how to apply this research in two areas of concern to the Membership: monitoring and evaluation.

We used the findings from More than just luck: Innovating humanitarian action to produce two working papers on evaluating and monitoring humanitarian innovation.

18 Dec 2017 | Alice Obrecht publishes blog on Humanitarian Education Accelerator's bootcamp

Our senior research fellow Alice Obrecht contributed with a post in the Global Innovation Exchange website on her views around the Humanitarian Education Accelerator and what are the challenges on evidence around innovation in humanitarian action.

21 April 2016 | ALNAP and Elrha publish research on humanitarian innovation

Following the in-depth study of 15 case studies on humanitarian innovations, ALNAP and Elrha published a synthesis report on humanitarian innovation, More than just luck: Innovating humanitarian action, looking to answer these central questions:

  1. What does a successful humanitarian innovation process look like?
  2. What are the factors that enable success in innovation management in the humanitarian system?

The outputs of this research are aimed at humanitarian organisations interested in using innovative practices to improve their performance, as well as organisations outside the humanitarian sector, such as academic institutions or private companies, seeking to engage in innovation in humanitarian action.