Accès au numérique, besoins en communication et pratiques communautaires

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Date published
14 Jun 2021
Research, reports and studies
Assessment & Analysis, Comms, media & information, Inclusion, Needs assessment
Côte d'Ivoire; Mali; Niger
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
Needs assessment & analysis

This study was realized together with UNHCR, IT4Life and Sekou Foundation. A presentation and summary of the study can be found at:

The main objective of this research was to have a solid understanding of the communication needs of the different population groups and the most appropriate ways to reach out to them. The study focuses on the following themes:

  • Inventory of connectivity: networks, means of connection available, costs, etc.;
  • Knowledge of the uses, practices and habits of digital tools used by affected communities in these countries.
  • Digital access of women and the youth, reduction of inequalities in digital access;
  • Alternative models of connectivity provision and innovative public-private partnerships;
  • Environment and access to clean energy to enable people to be connected in an efficient and sustainable way.