Client-Responsive Programming Framework: IRC’s Approach to Accountable Programming

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30 Apr 2018
Accountability and Participation, Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Community-led, Multi-sector/cross-sector, Host Communities, humanitarian action, Humanitarian Principles

The Client-Responsive Programming Framework outlines the IRC approach to Accountability to Affected Populations. It details the “8 Client-Responsive Actions” that team should implement to close the Feedback Cycle and the 8 internal and external factors that create enabling conditions for client-responsive programming.   

What is Client-Responsive Programming?

Programming is client-responsive when we design and implement in a way that takes into account the views of our intended and direct clients. This requires that we systematically, deliberately and regularly listen to and collect the diverse perspectives of our clients. We must also analyse and use their feedback to make decisions and to plan for, or course correct, an action. Client-Responsive programming entails that we communicate and explain to our clients how their feedback has (or has not) informed our programmatic decisions and actions.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)