Disability Inclusion in Humanitarian Action. SADI – CAFOD’s Safe, Accessible, Dignified and Inclusive Approach

Turcanu, M., and Y. Ngunzi Kahashi
Publication language
Date published
01 Oct 2020
Humanitarian Exchange
Disability, Inclusion

In the last two decades, we have seen a proliferation of approaches to enhance protection and reach all people affected by crises, including accountability, protection mainstreaming, gender mainstreaming, safeguarding and inclusion of older people and people with disabilities. Over recent years, CAFOD has worked on a joined-up approach, bringing together these workstreams and putting intersectionality at the core. The result has been the development of SADI, an approach that can be applied to any type of programme to ensure that it prioritises the safety of programme participants, that traditionally marginalised groups are enabled to access and participate, and everyone’s inherent dignity is respected in all interactions. SADI is particularly relevant for preparedness, helping organisations take actions ahead of emergencies and ensuring they are able to deliver a high-quality and safe response when the time comes.