Engaged and Heard! Adolescent Participation and Civic Engagement’

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Date published
01 Dec 2020
Practical tools
Accountability and Participation, Participation, Engaging with affected populations, Training
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
All phases of the HPC

The training course is an online adaptation of "UNICEF's Engaged and Heard! Guidelines for Adolescent Participation and Civic Engagement" and contributes to building the learner’s capacity to promote, design and implement at-scale programmes for meaningful adolescent participation and engagement. 

The audience of this course is programme managers and practitioners working with young people across UN organizations, government, civil society, youth networks, private sectors, and academic institutions.

This 90-minute course has two parts that take the learners on a journey to build their knowledge and skills-set on meaningful adolescent participation and civic engagement. Additionally, it enhances the learners’ capacity to apply these approaches by taking them through practical examples on strengthening meaningful adolescent participation across sectors.

This course is the second part of an online learning pathway for strengthening: 1) programming with and for adolescents and 2) promoting meaningful adolescent participation and civic engagement.