Enquête Auprès des Personnes Affectées, Ouaddaï : Renforcer la Redevabilité au Tchad | Perceptions of Affected Populations and Field Staff in Chad - Results from Round 1

Erlach, E. et al.
Publication language
Date published
27 Aug 2018
Research, reports and studies
Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Participation, humanitarian action

As part of the Strengthening Accountability in Chad’ project, Ground Truth Solutions (GTS) is responsible for gathering the views, perceptions, and priorities of affected people on the implementation of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) 2017 - 2019. This project is a collaboration between Ground Truth Solutions and CHS Alliance and is funded by the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

Chad's Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for 2017-2019 sets out three strategic objectives:

  • To save and preserve the lives and dignity of affected populations
  • To reduce the vulnerability of affected populations by building resilience, and
  • To contribute to the protection of vulnerable populations and strengthen accountability

Perception indicators have been included in the 2018 HRP to help monitor these objectives. Ground Truth Solutions’ task is to collect data from affected people (including host communities), humanitarian staff, and local partner organisations to gauge their perceptions of the humanitarian response and implementation of the 2018 HRP. This data provides the necessary information to track progress against these indicators.

The project plans to collect views of affected people in three rounds across three regions of Chad: Logone Oriental, the Lake region, and Ouaddaï. Humanitarian staff will also be surveyed in three rounds but not confined to specific regions. The survey of local partner organisations will take place during the second round.

These reports presents results from the first round of interviews. The second and third phases of data collection are scheduled for October/November 2018 and February 2019. Please find the following reports to download: 

  1. A global report summarising the key findings from affected people and field staff survey in both English and French (August 2018)
  2. Regional Report Logone Oriental in French (August 2018)
  3. Regional Report Lac in French (August 2018)
  4. Regional Report Ouaddai in French (August 2018)
  5. Field Staff Survey in French (August 2018)