Inclusive Client Responsiveness: Focus on People with Disabilities and Older People

Shafina V. Thivillier P.
Publication language
Date published
30 May 2021
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Participation, Complaints and feedback mechanisms, Multi-sector/cross-sector, Disability, Engaging with affected populations, Gender, Inclusion, Needs assessment, Older people, Two-way communication
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
All phases of the HPC

Responsive Programming specifically to strengthen inclusion of people with disabilities and older people. The Guidance consists of three sections to support staff in strengthening inclusion of people with disabilities and older people using the IRC’s Client Responsiveness approach:  Key concepts for designing inclusive feedback mechanisms such as accessibility and reasonable accommodation, to ensure that barriers are addressed, and feedback mechanisms are designed to be accessible to all. Selection and design of inclusive feedback mechanisms that foster diversity and inclusion. Monitoring access to feedback mechanisms of people with disabilities and older people through appropriate data collection and analysis. The guidance also includes a set of resources for practical implementation, which are referenced throughout the document.