Quality and Accountability Compass - Putting Quality and Accountability into Practice

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Date published
01 Jan 2018
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Accountability and Participation, Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Complaints and feedback mechanisms, Development & humanitarian aid, humanitarian action, Inclusion, Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH)
Use in Humanitarian Programme Cycle
All phases of the HPC
Groupe URD

The COMPASS is a quality and accountability management method for humanitarian and development projects. It has been specifically designed by Groupe URD to help apply the quality and accountability commitments of the Core Humanitarian Standard in the field for any intervention zone, sector or context.

An up-dated version of the Quality COMPAS The COMPAS was first developed by Groupe URD in 2004 and was organised around a quality reference framework, the Compass Rose, made up of 12 quality criteria. In 2014, Groupe URD joined HAP International, People In Aid and the Sphere Project in their efforts to harmonise standards and integrate the Quality COMPAS reference framework into the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS).